To our cherished guests at Ringlet and Sass Salon. 

We are excited to get our hands back in your hair and see your faces, yet we need to take it slow at opening back up during this pandemic.  We want to let you know our plans for the first phase of opening.   

We are reopening the salon and studios to stylists who feel safe, are able and want to come back to work. It is not required that they work. Everyone’s circumstances are different. 

To reschedule your appointment please call your stylist. We do not have a receptionist at this time.

We want reassure you that we have implemented many safeguards to ensure yours and our safety while at the salon. Before coming to the salon, please read the following carefully as to know what to expect.

Reopening Requirements and what to expect coming in:

  • Please come to your appointment alone. We can only accommodate guests that are receiving services. If someone drove with you, they are to remain in the car.
  • Please come to the salon with clean, styled and dry hair for a dry cut and then to proceed to color if scheduled for one. We can also do wet cuts if needed, but you still are to come to the salon with clean dry hair.
  • There are no blow dry services for now, to help prevent the forceful movement of air and the unwanted spreading of germs. Cuts and Colors will not receive a blow out.  You will leave with wet hair. 
  • We are making arrangements to have ‘necessary’ blow drys in a single enclosed studio room and after hours while no one else is working. 
  • Our waiting area is closed. Text your stylist when you have arrived and stay in your car until your stylist is ready and has text or called you to come in. This may be a little wait, as we are sanitizing thoroughly and preparing for your arrival.
  • Your stylist will meet you at the door.
  • All guests and staff are REQUIRED to wear masks while in the salon. If you do not have one of your own, we will have one for $3.00. They must be masks that go around the ears.
  • Temperature checks will be done for all our staff and for every guest coming in. Anyone with a temperature of 100 or higher will have to leave and reschedule their appointment. 
  • While waiting outside to check in and while in the salon, please maintain six feet between yourself and others, with the exception of your service provider. We will have taped areas to help.
  • We have safety barriers between the shampoo bowls and the front desk. Each stylist station is spaced out at least 6’ from one another.
  • At this time we are not offering hand massages, scalp massages, or makeup applications.
  • No beverages or snacks will be provided. If you need a beverage, please bring in a contained bottle with a lid. 
  • Leave your stuff at home! At this time we are asking that you only bring your cell phone, car keys, form of payment and beverage. (R&S is not not accepting cash for product purchases)
  • Prices may have gone up for your stylist a minimum of $5 to assist in all our extra costs due to COVID-19. To know if they did and how much, please ask your stylist. You can find their number on our website … visit the blog page.

Ringlets & Sass and the entire team are dedicated to keeping our space safe and clean as we open back up for services. We will be implementing extra sanitation measures before and after each guest. We will also be observing all state guidelines including disinfecting all surfaces and every tool used. 

As we are getting new and updated information frequently, these guidelines may change. We will re-access weekly. 

We appreciate you patience as we adjust to this new normal. Please understand that we have 8 weeks worth of guests to reschedule at this time and will do our best to accommodate everyone, this will take time. 

We appreciate your patience and understanding during this unprecedented time. 

Please Stay Safe and Healthy! 

The Ringlets and Sass Salon Team