We miss each and everyone of our guests and friends! This time is so crazy! As my daughter says, ‘Cray Cray’…. 🙂 We appreciate your support over the years and now during this time. We can’t wait to catch up, see your faces and get our hands in your hair!

As of now, we plan to re open May 8th. If you need to book an appointment or re book an appointment, please call your stylist directly.

If you would like to buy hair care products, we are doing curbside pickup and delivery (for a fee). To make any orders or to answer ANY questions you may have, please call 801-347-9766. We appreciate your support.

Here is a list of our stylists and their numbers:

Margie            512-626-9065           Leyanne         512-924-0267

Hannah          830-998-4994           Kelsie             307-679-6808

Ann Marie      801-347-9766           Raven            310-648-0997

Shamrea        512-851-3925           Jess                512-657-8519

Kate                512-934-0768           Lauren            512-909-1252

Tina                512-541-6567           Laura              512-550-1732           

Nital                619-433-7729

Stay home, stay safe, healthy and sane! See you soon!