How do you get healthy hair, skin and nails? One of the most frequently ask questions from guests sitting in our chair getting their hair done; ‘How can I improve the strength of my hair?’, ‘How can I get my hair to grow more or faster?’, ‘How can my hair look shinier and be overall healthier?’, ‘What can I do to improve my skin and help my wrinkles?’
We can suggest our fabulous haircare lines, such as Kevin Murphy, but it takes more. It starts internally.
I’ve told people for years to eat better, get your omega’s, take biotin, horsetail pills, folic acid. Then send them on their way in search for these things.
Well, now we can offer this in our salon at their fingertips, all in one package. Not only will it help the hair, but the skin and nails too!
Ready, set, Glow! Take your challenge today!!

Complete AdvoCare Glow™ System

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 ‘AdvoCare Glow™ was designed as a system and features powerful ingredients, such as collagen peptides, biotin and astaxanthin to support the quality and structure of our skin, hair and nails.†’

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   PH.D., R.D., L.D., CNSC

Staff, Pediatric Institute & Lerner Research Institute; Departments of Gastroenterology & Pathobiology, Cleveland ClinicLerner, College of Medicine of Case, Western Reserve University
dietary supplement
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  • Supports skin firmness and elasticity*
  • Promotes healthy skin cell function*
  • Helps support natural collagen and elastin fiber production*

Collagen is the most abundant protein in our body and helps give structure to our hair, skin, nails. However, as we age, the production of collagen levels in our body decreases. AdvoCare Glow Collagen contains 5,000 mg of marine collagen peptides that function to support our body’s natural collagen production.* Silica, sourced from bamboo extract, complements the collagen and supports the strength and elasticity of the skin.* Additional antioxidant Vitamin E helps to promote healthy skin cell function.*

Hair & Nails
vitamin, mineral and herbal supplement
  • Promotes healthy hair growth*
  • Helps support lustrous hair*
  • Contains nutrients that support hair and nail strength*

Hair & Nails supplement is formulated with vitamins, minerals and herbal ingredients to help support healthy hair and nails.* A key ingredient is biotin, a water-soluble B vitamin that is an essential nutrient in human nutrition. Biotin is well known for its beneficial effects on hair, skin and nails.* Since our bodies lack the natural ability to produce biotin, it must be consumed in the normal diet. Biotin is an essential part of the metabolic process that breaks down major nutrients (fats, proteins and carbohydrates) for use in the body. This formula also contains Alpha-Lipoic Acid, which can increase the effectiveness of other nutrients, specifically antioxidants. Additional essential minerals such as selenium and zinc also assist in the body’s maintenance of healthy hair and nails.*


  • Antioxidant ingredients (Vitamin E and astaxanthin) to support skin health*
  • Helps promote healthy aging of skin*
  • Supports skin quality and structure*

AdvoCare Glow™ Skin works to amplify your skin’s overall health by combining astaxanthin and tocotrienols, two vital ingredients that work synergistically to promote healthy skin.* Tocotrienols are a form of Vitamin E, an essential nutrient with antioxidant properties needed to support cell and tissue health. Astaxanthin is a deep red pigment present in marine organisms such as microalgae, salmon, shrimp and lobster and that provides their distinct color. This material, known as a carotenoid, has the unique ability to function inside and outside cell membranes, thereby supporting cellular health from the inside out.*

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