Here is information to know about HOTHEADS extensions and frequently asked questions:

Q: Why would I want extensions?

A: If you have thin areas, that baby fine hair that is thin on the ends and won’t fill in, to add length, volume, to have different colors with out compromising your natural hair, for formal styles, weddings and more…

Q: What’s different and so great about HOTHEADS?

A: Simple, Fast, Affordable, No Heat, No Tools, No Damage. Fabulous hair in 1 hour or less!!

Q: How much does the hair cost?

A: It depends on your hair length and density, as well as the color you want, the length of extensions and how many we need for the look we are going for. It can range from $200-600+.

Q: How much is the maintenance?

A: The cost is per hour, so usually $50-$200+ depending on the amount of hair your moving up.

Q: How often do they need to be moved up?

A: The maintenance is every 6-8 weeks, you would have them taken out and put back up.

Q: How many times can I reuse the same hair?

A: It will last for 6-8 months or up to 3 times being moved up, depending on how you care for them. Then you need to buy more, you can always switch up colors when you do.

Q: What colors are there to choose from?

A: There are over 50 colors to choose from.

Here is some more information to know about getting HOTHEAD extensions done in the salon.

You should always have them done by a HOTHEADS trained professional.

They are the best on the market for tape in extensions. They use a medical grade cold fusion glue. So there is no allergic reactions, won’t harm you hair and you don’t need to apply heat.

In my 19 years of watching extensions change, this is by far the best process, leaving you with no damage, it’s faster and affordable compared to other extension processes.

They are the best quality real Remi hair from India and some from Asia.

They buy from church’s where people donate for religious purposes. Hotheads has a foundation, Heart of India, where they give back to the villages and communities.

To book a free consultation you can book online at Ringlets and Sass.

You may also visit Ringlets and Sass website to read more of each stylist who performs these and book from our site as well.

Here is a before and after of someone who wanted to fill in the density of her thin ends and add length. We used a total of 12 complete pieces to accomplish this look.

Here are additional photos of extensions and what it can do for you:

HOTHEADS Hair Extensions Website